Friday, 7 December 2012

Two Years On...

I can't believe it's been two years since Phil died.  I still think about him often, wishing I could get his input on my writing, or ask him for career advice, or just hang out with him at the pub. Sometimes it seems like he's just away on leave or at a conference.  It still doesn't seem real.

He wouldn't want me to be this upset, I know.  He would've been surprised that he had such an impact on me, I think, because I never really told him and we didn't work together for very long.  But he introduced me to the field and inspired me to work on this project, at this institute, so he indirectly influenced lot of my big life decisions.

More than my own grief, I feel for those who knew him much better & longer than I did--for Sue, for Gary, for Cristina--and I feel for those students who heard about him and read his work but never got the chance to meet him.  I'm grateful for the limited time we had together, and for his guidance that's led me here.

Rest in peace, Phil.  I'll have a pint for you this weekend.

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